Model Parenting Orders Handbook: A New Government Initiative

Model Parenting Orders Handbook: A New Government Initiative

Last week Senator the Honorable George Brandis QC, the Commonwealth Attorney General, gave the State of the Nation address at the 17th Biennial National Family Law Conference, held in Melbourne.

During his address the Attorney General reiterated the Government’s commitment to alternative dispute resolution as the preferred method of resolving family law disputes. He made it clear that parents should only turn to the court system if they are unable to resolve their family law matter through mediation and with the assistance of their solicitors.

In order to assist parents in reaching their own arrangements about parenting, the Attorney General released a new publication during his address: the Model Parenting Orders Handbook. This publication is intended to assist separating parents to understand how their post separation parenting arrangement could look, and how they can seek assistance in formalising that arrangement by way of parenting orders.

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The Australian Government Publication Parenting Orders: what you need to know can be found here:

If you would like to read the Attorney General’s State of the Nation address, it can be found here:

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