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The Team at Steiner Legal share a common desire to provide a high level of ethical and diligent service to clients. Client’s have the benefit of a legal team with in depth knowledge in their fields of practice and real life experience.


Every matter at Steiner Legal is allocated a solicitor who will have primary carriage of the case. Steiner Legal takes a collaborative approach to cases, with solicitors often working directly alongside each other in more complex matters.


The range of experience within the team ensures that client’s have the benefit of a fee structure suitable to the complexity of their case. Cases are allocated to solicitors at Steiner Legal taking into consideration the preferences of clients, the type of matter, and the level of expertise required. Clients can be confident that their solicitor is committed to reaching the best possible outcome in their case.

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Tahlia Bleier

Solicitor Director

Tahlia Bleier – Solicitor Director



Tahlia is the Solicitor Director at Steiner Legal. Her role includes managing files and accounts, drafting legal correspondence and advocating (both in court and out) on behalf of our clients, as well as running the day to day operations of the practice. Tahlia also presents seminars and papers on family law and estate planning.Tahlia graduated from the University of New South Wales with a combined Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Criminology and Criminal Justice (with Distinction).


Tahlia assists each and every one of Steiner Legal’s clients. Drawing on personal experience, she understands the gravity and importance of the work she undertakes. Tahlia always strives to provide our clients with a high level of commitment and care, acknowledging that we often assist clients at difficult times in their lives.


In 2019, Tahlia appeared in the High Court of Australia representing the Appellant, a known donor who is seeking recognition as his daughter’s legal parent, and was successful in achieving the outcome sought by her client.


Tahlia has been an Independent Children’s Lawyer since 2020, allowing her to represent children in family court proceedings, a role that she is extremely passionate about. She has also completed a Masters of Applied Law, majoring in Family Law and is an accredited NMAS mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitoner.


Tahlia is dedicated to approaching matters in a conciliatory manner, focussing on avoiding costly and uncertain litigation. She believes that the majority of matters can be settled in an amicable manner and strives to ensure that is the case.

More about Tahlia

Tahlia also has a keen interest in the area of sociology and social theory, borne out of her university studies. Her knowledge in this area give her a well-rounded understanding of law in the wider social perspective, including what motivates people’s actions and behaviour. She believes this assists in understanding the best way to approach, and ultimately settle our matters.


Tahlia has undertaken further studies in the areas of family law and dispute resolution, which enhances the service that she is able to provide our clients.


Tahlia believes in the importance of community involvement and is frequently taking part in community and charity events. This participation was recognised when Governor Prof. Marie Bashir AC presented her with a Certificate of Commendation and Medallion from the Order of Australia Association for Community Service in 2010.



  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) LLB.
  • Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice (with Distinction) BEc/Bed.
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice
  • Masters of Applied Laws (Family Law)

Erin Steiner


Erin Steiner – Consultant


Erin Steiner is a Consultant at Steiner Legal, after establishing the practice in 2011. Prior to establishing Steiner Legal, Erin was a member of the NSW Police Force for 18 years.


Erin worked in various positions in the NSW Police Force including 10 years in plain clothes and as a qualified Detective. Erin was the officer in charge of major investigations including matters such as murder, manslaughter, sexual assaults, drug investigations and other serious indictable offences.


As a Detective, Erin Steiner gained valuable experience in managing Local, District and Supreme Court cases. Such extensive experience provided her with skills beyond that of many solicitors particularly in areas such as brief preparation, interviewing techniques, evidence gathering and conflict resolution. These skills provide her clients with an added advantage in dealing with their case.

More about Erin

In 2007, Erin transferred to a legal position in the NSW Police Force working in the area of Employment & Industrial Law under the Professional Standards Command. Erin’s role was to provide advice in relation to police policy and legislation to senior management throughout the organisation.


While working as a solicitor in the NSW Police Force Erin managed police disciplinary cases before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) and appeared as an advocate in the IRC on behalf of the Commissioner of Police.


While employed by the NSW Police Force, Erin received numerous awards for her high level of integrity and operational achievements. Erin resigned from the NSW Police Force as a qualified Detective at the rank of Sergeant.


Since commencing her own legal practice Erin Steiner has worked on a variety of cases with a focus on Family Law, Employment Law and Wills & Estates matters. Erin has appeared as an advocate on behalf of clients before the Australian Human Rights Commission, Fair Work Australia, the Local Court (criminal), the Federal Magistrates Court (family) and the Family Court of Australia.


Erin Steiner has a strong sense of social justice and is a volunteer solicitor at several community legal centers. Erin continues her commitment to servicing the needs of the disadvantaged community by providing pro bono and reduced fee assistance in some cases.


Steiner Legal’s philosophy is to approach each case with a view to avoiding costly and uncertain litigation. Erin Steiner adopts a conciliatory approach to each case and strives to encourage parties to reach a mutually agreed outcome. Her commitment to each client and high level of integrity when dealing with each case has resulted in Steiner Legal becoming a fast growing legal practice.



  • Associate Diploma of Policing
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Investigations)
  • Bachelor of Policing (Investigations)
  • Bachelor of Laws LLB – Macquarie University
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • Masters in Applied Law – Family Law LLM
  • Masters in Applied Law – Wills and Estates LLM

Alyssa Maschmedt


Alyssa Maschmedt – Paralegal



Alyssa is the first point of contact for all enquiries at Steiner Legal. Serving as a guiding hand for individuals navigating the complexities of family law, Alyssa ensures that clients receive the support and guidance they need from the beginning of their legal journey.


Alyssa plays a crucial role in gathering all the essential information, understanding your needs and conveying these details effectively to the legal team, ensuring each client feels heard and understood. From initial inquiries to scheduling consultations, Alyssa excels in providing clear communication and assistance throughout every step of your legal process.


By maintaining a warm and approachable demeanour, Alyssa helps to ease the stress of legal proceedings and fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the firm’s services.


Driven by a genuine passion for helping others and a commitment to both professionalism and integrity, Alyssa embodies the key values of Steiner Legal in striving to provide exceptional service and advocacy to every client who seeks assistance.


Consistent with her passion for Family Law, Alyssa is currently studying a double degree in a Bachelor of Laws and Communication (Journalism) at the University of New South Wales.

Sasha Meaney


Sasha Meaney – Paralegal



Sasha is the newest addition to the team at Steiner Legal. As a paralegal, Sasha provides invaluable support to the rest of the team and their clients. She manages a wide range of responsibilities including client intake, case management, legal research, and document preparation.


Sasha is passionate about advocating for families and the best interests of children. Family is a priority for her, and she understands disputes are emotionally charged and all consuming. A compassionate approach coupled with clear and punctual communication makes Sasha a trusted ally for clients in legal proceedings.


Sasha is currently completing her Juris Doctor (Law) at the University of New South Wales. In her past life, she completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) (with Distinction) at the University of Sydney majoring in Art History and English.

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