Surrogacy & IVF



Undergoing fertility treatment can be both an exciting and stressful time. Ensuring you have the right legal advice before embarking on any IVF / ART process will assist in alleviating some of that stress.


Fertility treatment is not limited to IVF and may also include artificial insemination each of which are governed by legislation.


If you are considering fertility treatment or you are already undertaking treatment, Steiner Legal can assist you by providing advice in relation to the legal aspects relevant to your situation, which may include:

  • Known or anonymous donor arrangements
  • Overseas donor arrangements
  • Parentage Issues



The reasons for engaging in a surrogacy arrangement are varied and in most cases arise from circumstances such as social or medical infertility. A surrogacy arrangement may be equally relevant to heterosexual couples, same sex couples or a single person.


Choosing the right lawyer to assist you through the process is an important factor. Steiner Legal can provide you with the high level of commitment, care and service you require for such an important process.


Commercial surrogacy is not permitted in NSW. This means that you cannot pay your surrogate any fee, reward or other material benefit or advantage above any reasonable costs associated with the surrogacy. Reasonable costs may include costs associated with medical treatment, travel or accommodation, or costs associated with becoming pregnant.


There are serious penalties for breaching the Surrogacy Act 2010, so you should contact us and obtain legal advice before commencing any process associated with surrogacy.


Steiner Legal is able to assist you by providing advice, and drafting documents in relation to:

  • The legislative implications applicable to your surrogacy arrangement
  • Preparing a formal surrogacy agreement/arrangement
  • Obtaining a parentage order follow the birth of your child
  • Other matters applicable to surrogacy arrangements
We are the right firm to assist you with your legal needs, ensuring you feel our high level of commitment and care while receiving accurate and superior quality legal representation.