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“The commonsense approach” – Tahlia Bleier on the groundbreaking High Court case of Masson & Parsons and Anor

Interview with Tahlia Bleier who had carriage of the recent High Court case Masson & Parsons and Anor discusses – Judgement in the recent High Court case – Positive and negative implications for families, parents, donors and children of this case – Ideas for law reform following this case – Recommendations for those entering into having a child with a known donor.

‘The door was open’ – Can a sperm donor be a parent? With Tahlia Bleier (family lawyer)

Tahlia Bleier discusses the ground breaking case of Masson & Parsons and Anor [2018] FamCA 823 (18 September 2018) with the appeal to the High Court of Australia being heard on Tuesday 16 April.

Tahlia Bleier spoke with Josh Szeps on ABC Radio Sydney Drive on Wednesday 19 June 2019. Listen in at 1.08.00.


Join Josh Szeps on ABC Radio Sydney Drive.

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Sperm donor fights for parental rights in the High Court

A sperm donor and the mother of his biological child are headed to the High Court to determine his parental rights, in a case that has sparked calls for pre-conception agreements in Australia. The Newcastle man, known in court documents as Robert Masson, is seeking to be recognised as a legal parent in a bid to stop the mother and 12-year-old daughter moving to New Zealand.

The Australian 6.3.19

Erin Steiner on ABC Radio Perth: Donor Can Be A Legal Parent 

Solicitor Director Erin Steiner spoke to Belinda Varischetti from ABC Radio Perth on 4 October 2017.

Listen to the interview here at 1:40:00.


Australian court rules sperm donor is legal father

An Australian sperm donor is the father of an 11-year-old girl because it was understood he would be involved in her life, the nation’s top court has ruled. The man had fought to stop the girl’s biological mother and her wife from moving to New Zealand with the child.

Australian sperm donor wins legal battle to be recognised as father

“Those are not the facts of this case,” it added. The ruling could affect thousands of couples and single women whose children were conceived with known sperm donors. Family and fertility lawyer Stephen Page said the decision was a “sensible” one but could have far-reaching implications. “It’s removing …

Australia’s top court rules sperm donor is 11-year-old’s legal parent

Australia’s highest court ruled unanimously Wednesday that a sperm donor who had been actively involved in his daughter’s life should be granted rights as a legal parent of the 11-year-old girl.

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A Donor can be a parent - but it's a question of fact and degree of involvement - not a rule of law.
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